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Wilchi's have the most fanastic souls. They are full of energy, are very very funny, and often like to party.. The fantastic Wilchi is the best thing that happened to a certain class he's in. He is truly a funny person and he listens to his ipod a lot.. he likes to wear black and white and have a pick in his hair at all times, Wilchi is a party animal!!!

find these wilchis anywhere; most likely in fort erie tho...
he also looks really fantastic in all red, every wilchi must have a red outfit, scarves are also a great factor with leather jackets too. his soulmate will probably be an emily, he will most likely meet her at a get together or social event.
Wilchi is a great person and he likes to huff and puff after drinking water. <3 <3 <3

wowza wilchi, your a boss & you got SWAGGER

Wilchis often laugh like a seal or dolpin..
Although Wilchi's make GREAT friends.
you so cool wilchisedek
by PTA Fort November 22, 2012