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The only place that states clearly that they have few rules and any they have can just be ignored! Wikipedia:Ignore all the rules.
Wikipedia has no truth and no reality other than what is published and if you can publish a's a perfectly FINE reference!
by FinalyFiguredWikiout November 01, 2011
1 5
The true source of all knowledge and wisdom on Earth. Just note that where it's inaccurate, it at least *definitively* inaccurate.
Wikipedia gives you more free info than you wished for before you can say "bibliography!"
by Jeffris November 27, 2005
67 71
A unique article-making web site where it has anything. You can make articles, anyone can make articles, talk about the articles you, your friend, or a total stranger, has posted. The disadvantage of anyone can edit/make articles is that anyone can post anything that isn't true. However, Wiki's, or how it's abbreviated, users can report an article to a moderator and they will restore the text ASAP or close to the text. Wikipedia is often not trusted on by schools because of that simple disadvantage.
Wikipedia is an awesome web site, despite the fact that's it's user-powered.
by MisaTange July 06, 2009
35 40
if your not listed on there, your a nobody
Only famous or significant people are listed there on wikipedia. The all important information center formed into one.
by tatomuck1 March 28, 2009
11 16
A free encyclopedia that will one day consume us all
Omg! theres an article on wikipedia about a guy named buttman, seriously kids look it up!!
by Rajav September 06, 2008
12 17
This and a bag of Doritos equals a fun day.
Tim: 'What did you do today, Steve?'

Steve: 'Oh I just vandalized Wikipedia and ate some Doritos!'

Tim: 'Nice.'
by A Not So Kind Stranger July 12, 2008
16 21
The educational equivilant to urban dictionary
I wanted to know what oral sex was, but I thought going on urban dictionary seemed too usual, because most of thier definetions probably would not help me. If I want it detailed, I will go to wikipedia.
by DizzyLizzy January 26, 2007
22 27