A (usually long) series of wikipedia articles, in which the first article begins the trail and other articles are read by clicking on embedded links in the first or succeeding articles. Trails are followed until the reader's natural curiosity is satisfied, until the reader has run out of time, or until the reader has passed out unconscious.

Some wikitrails become so addictive that the reader obsessively finds him- or herself obsessively clicking on link after link, even though it is well past the reader's bedtime and there will inevitably be hell to pay for this tomorrow. These types of wikitrails are also called wikiholes.
I followed this interesting wikitrail on the languages of Spain and somehow ended up in the French Pyrenees!
by Pennsylvania Dave July 11, 2011
Top Definition
-to follow a trail of links on Wikipedia from one article to another, usually leading to an article that is completely unrelated to the original search subject.

-first used by DirtyPat while explaining to someone what he did all afternoon.
-I spent all afternoon on the wiki trail learning about interesting things.
by DirtyPat June 03, 2009
Wikitrail (n). A method of web surfing in which one opens Wikipedia to an interesting topic, and then follows interesting links to other wikipedia pages from there, recursively.
"I wanted to go to bed early last night, but I got stuck on a wikitrail and stayed up till four"
by KingPingPong2000 February 04, 2008
a series of wikipedia articles, linked from one common article.
I started reading about WW2 and wound up down the wiki trail 3 hours later reading about the Treaty of Westphalia.
by vasco de gama lama2 July 06, 2010
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