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A deliberate alteration of an article found in Wikipedia often in the form of vandalism, damage control or to add a "spin" to a subject or movement.

Wikipedia is edited by anonymous users and sometimes "editors" modify listings in Wikipedia to suit an agenda or for mere sport, mockery or as vandals.

Such a modification is called a "Wiki Wank"
OMG! Did you see the screenshot of the Wikipedia page about the Obama? It said on Wikipedia that Obama started world war 2! Apparently it didn't get noticed or changed for 3 months...what a perfect Wiki Wank!
by TruthAboveAllPleasures February 26, 2009
A "Wiki Wank" is a wee quick bout of self pleasuring.

The word "Wiki" translates into "Quick" and we all know what a "Wank" is...don't we? So basically a Wiki Wank is a quick, sometimes messy, game of "Me-Myself-&-I"!

My boyfriend has gone to the club with the lads to watch some football so I need a good wiki wank!

Better go to!
by TruthAboveAllPleasures February 26, 2009
To quickly check Wikipedia in order to try to win an argument (over the internet usually). Unintelligent people generally do this to make themselves look smarter than what they are.
A:*compelling argument*

B: *wiki wanks* *Goes on to re-word a page off of Wikipedia for a rebuttal*
by Sauce Baus October 25, 2011
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