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A "Wiki Supposea" is what all Wikipedia formats end up as. A Wikipedia is "Suppose" to be an online web site where users can Add & Edit content profiles. Profiles related to Countries, States, Devices, Music, Movies, Persons; basically anything that needs some kind of record and description. The Term "Wiki Supposea" comes from the fact that the Wikipedia format is flawed. The problem with this type of system is that there is a small-group of persons that take it as their own personal responsibility to monitor all Edits made to the various profiles. This causes 90% of all Edits and Add-On's to be deleted by these users. These types of users are called "Wiki Demi's". A Demigod is a creature that is almost a God. So Wiki Demi's refused to allow any new, outside content edits. So unless the content is written by another Wiki Demi; it is DELETED. This prevents any new true Unbias info from being posted on the site. Since every single profile already has a small group of Wiki Demi Editors, there is no room for anyone else to help contribute to the site. And since the purpose of a Wiki is to allow ((ALL)) people to contribute with their own knowledge of the subject, Wikipedia will always remain a Wiki Supposea; and will end up containing Bias and Inaccurate information.
Well, I tried to help out again on the Wiki Supposea and my info was deleted as always. It doesn't matter that I went to school for the topic and understand it's inner working completely. So I guess because I'm just a basic editor who has a life outside of the Internet, and doesn't have 24/7 to sit around bulling other editors; I will never be allowed to contribute to Wikipedia! I thought the idea was for everyone who knows something about the topic to help out. But it just ends up being that the 10% MINORITY rules Wikipedia!
by Russell Sheppard August 25, 2008
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