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1) Immature kids aged 15 and under who mimic the language, clothes, music, style, hobbies, education level, etc of African American Ghetto/Slum Kids

2) Female version of Wigger
That wiglet is perfect size to be kicked across the street or to be hit with a baseball bat
by Anti_christ April 03, 2003
56 14
A whiteperson who thinks he is a nigger, is a wigger, and a small version of that is a wiglet. Wig from wigger, and let as in small or puny.
That dwarf thinks he is hard, but he's nothin' but a wiglet.
by Matt Pollock November 14, 2005
35 16
A small wig used especially to enhance a hairstyle
"My, Samantha, that wiglet you're sporting there is rather fancy. It adds a whole new element to your previously boring and unimaginative hairstyle."
by Rolling49 September 14, 2009
12 6
small white kids trying to act black but fail, "small wiggers"
The "wiglets" tried to fight me at wal-mart.
by SBISFTW March 13, 2009
2 0
A derogatory term for a milado child, generally white and black mix, but any child who is half black.
That little wiglet is running around in just a diaper.
by MissCommunication May 17, 2008
16 14
a white person thats not over 13
that wiglet thinks he can mess with that niglet
by thatcoolnigger November 17, 2012
0 0
Another word for a penis, probably best suited to a small one.
Don't be a piglet, show us your wiglet!
by Spinalli February 15, 2011
1 5