A derogatory term for a milado child, generally white and black mix, but any child who is half black.
That little wiglet is running around in just a diaper.
by MissCommunication May 17, 2008
Top Definition
1) Immature kids aged 15 and under who mimic the language, clothes, music, style, hobbies, education level, etc of African American Ghetto/Slum Kids

2) Female version of Wigger
That wiglet is perfect size to be kicked across the street or to be hit with a baseball bat
by Anti_christ April 03, 2003
A whiteperson who thinks he is a nigger, is a wigger, and a small version of that is a wiglet. Wig from wigger, and let as in small or puny.
That dwarf thinks he is hard, but he's nothin' but a wiglet.
by Matt Pollock November 14, 2005
A small wig used especially to enhance a hairstyle
"My, Samantha, that wiglet you're sporting there is rather fancy. It adds a whole new element to your previously boring and unimaginative hairstyle."
by Rolling49 September 14, 2009
small white kids trying to act black but fail, "small wiggers"
The "wiglets" tried to fight me at wal-mart.
by SBISFTW March 13, 2009
a white person thats not over 13
that wiglet thinks he can mess with that niglet
by thatcoolnigger November 17, 2012
Another word for a penis, probably best suited to a small one.
Don't be a piglet, show us your wiglet!
by Spinalli February 15, 2011
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