when you get shot in the head or take a hard hit and or blow to the face.
I'll catch you with a wiggy in call of duty 4
headshot wigg spliter
by Eazymelow April 06, 2009
A term used to define the inner labia of a female vagina. Usually used in cases where the 'lips' hang beyond normal length and are often unsightly.
'Yo Gurl, that hoe's wiggy is wack'
'Jeese, she could lassoo a cat with her wiggy'
'Dude that wigg aint normal'
by Wiggidy wack March 10, 2009
A ''Wiggy'' is a male or female who uses a well rounded amount of grammar to hide their lack of education . They also seem to think when they say something it is there's , even though its a well known word said by an abundance of the educated populace . Wiggys should be destroyed . They also are against the war in Afghanistan which means they're not American .
Henry: Is Eoghan coming in today ?
Luis: Naw screw im in his tight firmly chapped ass that guy is only a wiggy .
Henry: Hahaha your right screw Eoghan , fucking Communist
by Jampots November 30, 2011
1. Doesn't work quite like it should, undefinably wrong
2. Unreliable
3. Dances like a white person
1. "Man, this flash site is totally wiggidy wack"
2. "Jack is wiggin out on us"
3. "This bike is wiggy. What's that funny sound"
by theOdour August 08, 2005
orriginates from surrey.
a beanpole-like person with long hair (hence the name)
laid back, smells funny
can build you a satellite with neons for less than 50 quid.

underworked and over paid.
NOT in any relation to the guildford bearded lady.(we think)
person 1: omg its wiggy!
person 2: i wondered what that smell was.
by T.T. and L.H. August 16, 2005

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