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A contemporary nickname for the wig-wearing "King of All Media" Howard Stern.
"Hey, do you guys remember the time when Wiggy said that he'll piss on his fans if he wants to?"
by admiral awesome November 16, 2012
A creepy English teacher who looks like he is on every drug known to man.He also rubs his lacktating nipples all day long while licking his lips and creepily staring at students.(Look up lacktating nipples if u want to know what it means.)
Wiggy was lacktating all over the floor,so the janitor got pissed and kicked him in the gonads.
by biley wiley October 28, 2006
spiffy or spiffed up
Man Frank! You are looking extremely wiggy tonight!
by p-izzle June 08, 2005
affects of tripping on acid or ecstasy.

aka. wigging out, or wiggin'

came from the original definition of acting wierd or spastic. Transfered to the description of a person after chemical drug use, as many users act "wierd"
Texan 1: "Got that E"
Texan 2: "i stay wiggy"
Texan 1: "already"
by i handle my handle August 21, 2007
when you get shot in the head or take a hard hit and or blow to the face.
I'll catch you with a wiggy in call of duty 4
headshot wigg spliter
by Eazymelow April 06, 2009
A term used to define the inner labia of a female vagina. Usually used in cases where the 'lips' hang beyond normal length and are often unsightly.
'Yo Gurl, that hoe's wiggy is wack'
'Jeese, she could lassoo a cat with her wiggy'
'Dude that wigg aint normal'
by Wiggidy wack March 10, 2009
when something, usually a muscle moves involuntarily in a 'wiggling' motion.
I have to keep my eye closed because when it's open it gets all wiggy.
by dudetastic August 03, 2007
Found in Lancashire.
- A tall person with short dark hair, often found lurking in pubs frequented by teenage girls.
- Someone who suffers from 'magnetic lips syndrome'.
- Has occasional bouts of OCD, which when combined with bubble wrap can cause immense hilarity.
Dan: Where's Wiggy?
John: Some chick clamped onto his lips.
Dan: Oh, guess he won't want this joint then.
John: Fucking Women!
by The Cellar Bar July 19, 2006
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