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A contemporary nickname for the wig-wearing "King of All Media" Howard Stern.
"Hey, do you guys remember the time when Wiggy said that he'll piss on his fans if he wants to?"
by admiral awesome November 16, 2012
Of Dutch Origin. the most beautiful amazing person of all the land.
That orange is as small as Wiggy!
by FranLauraWiggy March 31, 2009
affects of tripping on acid or ecstasy.

aka. wigging out, or wiggin'

came from the original definition of acting wierd or spastic. Transfered to the description of a person after chemical drug use, as many users act "wierd"
Texan 1: "Got that E"
Texan 2: "i stay wiggy"
Texan 1: "already"
by i handle my handle August 21, 2007
A creepy English teacher who looks like he is on every drug known to man.He also rubs his lacktating nipples all day long while licking his lips and creepily staring at students.(Look up lacktating nipples if u want to know what it means.)
Wiggy was lacktating all over the floor,so the janitor got pissed and kicked him in the gonads.
by biley wiley October 28, 2006
Found in Lancashire.
- A tall person with short dark hair, often found lurking in pubs frequented by teenage girls.
- Someone who suffers from 'magnetic lips syndrome'.
- Has occasional bouts of OCD, which when combined with bubble wrap can cause immense hilarity.
Dan: Where's Wiggy?
John: Some chick clamped onto his lips.
Dan: Oh, guess he won't want this joint then.
John: Fucking Women!
by The Cellar Bar July 19, 2006
A playful name for a penis, like "pee pee"
That dog has a huge wiggy!
by Tanya Tae September 20, 2005
A term used to describe the letters "WWW"
as they appear together in common use on the World Wide Web. It is simply the quicker way to say "WWW" (double-u, double-u, double-u, dot .........) when directing someone to a web site.
If you are looking for a slang dictionary go to "wiggy-urbandictionary-dot-com".
Another example: Is wiggy---the bastard son of Al Gore?
by coastal ed d. May 16, 2005
adjective referring to anything ostentatious, over the top, super glam, bedazzled, or related to excessive drug use. etymology hails from the first name of an amazing glam rock strip performer.
those diamond pasties are so wiggy-- are you sure they qualify as casual day wear?!
by wiggystardust February 02, 2010