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A contemporary nickname for the wig-wearing "King of All Media" Howard Stern.
"Hey, do you guys remember the time when Wiggy said that he'll piss on his fans if he wants to?"
by admiral awesome November 16, 2012
199 6
When a person acts strange in an every-day situation that makes them seem super paranoid. When something is really weird or is completely not-like what it appears to be. This behavior is really common in the Southeast United States.
Jeremy is so WIGGY when I ask him about his scar on his face.
by Mark Towe December 06, 2005
119 94
hyper, sensitive, playful, loud
gettin' wiggy with it.
by bread infection January 31, 2006
44 50
1. nervous, high-strung.
2. behaving in a hesitant, cagey manner, often arousing suspicion.
Interviewer: You're kind of wiggy, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.
Interviewee (looking around): I'm wiggy?
Interviewer: Would your previous employer vouch for you?
by zhenska November 27, 2005
54 60
Wiggy, is a word used to express your Hapiness and sometimes used to express victory.

However, Wiggy used in the wrong situation, can be fatal and can ruin the mood of most people.
Right: Just passed my theory test! Wiggy!

Right: Haha, can't believe I won you again! Wiggy!

Wrong: Just had a poo! Wiggy!
by Chog lips Crawf August 01, 2012
12 20
Of Dutch Origin. the most beautiful amazing person of all the land.
That orange is as small as Wiggy!
by FranLauraWiggy March 31, 2009
23 32
A term used to define the inner labia of a female vagina. Usually used in cases where the 'lips' hang beyond normal length and are often unsightly.
'Yo Gurl, that hoe's wiggy is wack'
'Jeese, she could lassoo a cat with her wiggy'
'Dude that wigg aint normal'
by Wiggidy wack March 10, 2009
4 14