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Noun, Verb. The act of intentionally, for erotic sexual or sexual entertainment purposes 'bump' or slap another person, usually female with varying degrees of intensity or ferocity, usually female, in the head or face from any direction or yaw at the discretion of the provider of the described 'wiggly bumper' with a so called 'semi-chub,' otherwise known as a semi erect penis.
James: God Damn Becky look at that bad bitch over there!

Becky: Ew she looks so dirty!

James: Yup, and she is just askin for the wiggliest of the Wiggly Bumpers of ever and id give it to her!

Becky: Whats a wiggly bumper?

James: Ask your boyfriend

Ben: Hey babe lets get a little frisky.

Becky: Can you show me what a wiggly bumper is?

Ben: oh you could get wiggly bumpered and I know you need it!!

by ogmudbonethugs December 19, 2013
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