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1) A stupid ass white girl who acts, talks, and dresses like she is a poor black girl from the hood and only dates black guys.
2) A stupid bitch who thinks only dating black guys will compensate for all the guys of her own race who were not attracted to her.
"Abbey turned down my friend Jonathan because he is white, even though she is white she said she only dates black guys, she is such a wiggette!"
by Chris November 17, 2004
A white girl who wishes she was black.
Sarah is such a wiggette; her and all of her friends wish they were black.
by rob February 16, 2004
Like the female version of a wigger
She was a wiggette for sure
by Christy June 01, 2003
A white female, around 13-17 who acts like a black girl and only dates black guys. See also wigger fwigger
Samantha was acting like a total wiggette talking all ghetto and wearing Rocawear and making out with her boyfriend Deqarius. I kicked her in the ass :)
by DizzyLizzy November 20, 2006
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