A wigga is a white nigga. Not intended to be mean, just funny and true.
Jennifer: Hey, did you see that guy? He was a white nigga!
Damien: Yeah, he was a total spice. What a wigga!!
by avaa February 10, 2008
Most people think its a white person trying to be black, but it really stands for a "wannabe-nigga"
That rich boy is trying to be a wigga and get all our girls dawg!
by reboundwhat7 April 27, 2007
Etymology: (White + nigga = wigga)
White person who emulates the attitudes, speech, dressing style, or other features characterizing the gangsta, thug, ghetto, etc. culture, and therefore looks fake and often foolish or even offensive
A: Jeff is such a wigga.
B: I already told him that his attitude might cause him to get jumped.

Jamie Kennedy played a wigga in the movie "Malibu's most wanted"
by Alfredo1982 November 04, 2006
White version of a nigga.
Dat nasty ass wigga.
by *Cherry* September 23, 2005
a nasty middle class white kid usually wit acne , an std, and nasty lookin tryin to be somthin he not dressin up in ghetto clothes, or baggy clothes actin like he black when he never been in the damn projects his whole life and his bitch ass would be scared as shit to be in the projects or ghetto, all he does is listen to rap and dress like a wanabee nigga wit fake gold and nasty cologne. Any real nigga would beat the hell outa him.
Look at that nigga he be actin hard but he ***** then *****
by roz February 26, 2005
A white man who thinks he's black
Scott Walker aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
by Brocky December 03, 2004
Whitey who tries to Act Negro
Joe Daher, Eminem, Jonny B Bad, etc.
by Tank December 05, 2003

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