People callin other people wigga is racist to white and blacks
White people saying that some1 else is a wigga is seyin white people cant wear or act like that person acts
Black people saying that sum1 is a wigga is racist by seying only black people can wear baggy clothes and listen to hip hop
Look at dat fuckin wigga dressin lyk a black man
by apparentlyawigga May 19, 2005
a somewhat sad and confused person who is clearly white yet has somehow developed the idea in their head that they are black or were meant to be black or were black in a passed life... this basically goes for anyone who acts like a "thug" and isnt black
EMINEM... or anyone else u might know who seems to act like they are a black person and definately isnt...
by Mikel July 04, 2004
a white person who tries to be "black" by wearing fubu, sean jean, eynce, roca wear, or any other urban clothing line worn by "blacks", and talks, and acts black, but doesnt know what the fuck their talking about.
See "Vanilla Ice", or "Chris Wise"
by Jourdan & Zak January 08, 2004
A white dude that acts black he can be from the getto or Bill Gates son. And sometimes it ain't just a act.
Look at that wigga over thurr.
by Nik December 27, 2003
a white person who is sad or "neeky" and chooses to act like a stereotypical black person merely to fit in and not get robbed or "sucked" themself. These people have no life and are at the peak of sadness that any human being can obtain, thus their filthy kind should be slain from the face of the earth. These people usually start off in life like dickheads and in a specific case, they used to wear nappies until Year 6. Now this person takes steriods and thinks he's "gangsta" just because he can't speak proper english.
me: hey look over there it's Aaron Dempster hes "bopping" down the street.
friend: hahaha he finks hes so bad he's such a neeky wigga.
me: hah yeah i agree he is quite sad.
by FukWiggaz August 27, 2008
A wigga is a white nigga. Not intended to be mean, just funny and true.
Jennifer: Hey, did you see that guy? He was a white nigga!
Damien: Yeah, he was a total spice. What a wigga!!
by avaa February 10, 2008
Most people think its a white person trying to be black, but it really stands for a "wannabe-nigga"
That rich boy is trying to be a wigga and get all our girls dawg!
by reboundwhat7 April 27, 2007

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