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A wigger's pronunciation of the word wigger
White kid: I'm not a fuckin' wigga.
Kid 2: Yes you are, fuckin' poser.
by SuperSonicX May 19, 2006
11 6
white boi s who think they black, these muhfuckas think they all gangsta and shit are often characterized by wearin they hats in a funny way, wearing oversize jackets, speakin ebonics using the word "yo" excessively, listenin to eminem...often in their rides with some lousy fucked up speakers...these are muhfuckas unfit to live and shuld be beat up on sight or their "friends" shuld tell them how stupid they look
nigga 1:wats up son
nigga 2:wats up my nigga
wigga (acting all vanilla icy and shit): wats up my niggas
nigga 1:wigga u crazy?
wigga:man i aint no wigga yo, stop playa hatin
(nigga 1 and nigga 2 whoop his monkey ass)....
by kurrupt May 05, 2005
18 13
somebody who thinks that they are black when in fact they are white
......AKA mark palmer
mark palmer is a wigga
by mark palmer March 16, 2004
12 7

A white man what thinks he is black. He talks black, dresses black, and walks black (you know with his pants around his ankles and his hand on his crotch) a Wigga will deny all accounts of his Wiggadom he believes that he is who he is, but hes wrong.

"Cameron Weaver is a mutha fuckin wigga...To the max!"
by Solrebel April 29, 2007
4 0
Wannabe nigga. For most people they think it's based on white kids trying to act black. In fact it's someone who is so painfully not able to fit in with the rap culture.
Anyone can be a wigga.
"Wigga please, you can't rap."
by The UweBolla Virus February 28, 2006
7 3
a somewhat sad and confused person who is clearly white yet has somehow developed the idea in their head that they are black or were meant to be black or were black in a passed life... this basically goes for anyone who acts like a "thug" and isnt black
EMINEM... or anyone else u might know who seems to act like they are a black person and definately isnt...
by Mikel July 04, 2004
26 22
White n*gger.

A caucasian male that "Talks with swagger to the fullest"

Generally, they listen to "music" that consists of offensive or incomprehensible lyrics and simplistic and repetitive rhythms. These males have had many many girlfriends while most of them have never been on a real date.

Girls seem to be attracted to them for unknown reasons.
AGP703 NINE9 was here beeotch
"Ayo my man 99 a wigga 4 sho, he got mad game with the ladies,plus he a beast on da mic cuz"
by nine9 January 30, 2009
5 2