A word that can be used hardly as much as it is, a wigga is someone with a disability that actually literally confuses someone to thinkin they are a different colour, a wigga is NOT a white person walking around with G unit and new era caps listening to hip hop, they are just doing there own thing and acting how they want, they do not think they are black because they would have to be blind because they can see themselves that they are white,
Some dumb guy, You are a wigga look at u with that prada and dat air jordan,

White man, i would have to be blind to be a wigga, im just doing my own thing, there is not a way that blacks can act and whites can. People can act how they want.
by Furious reppin LYG October 18, 2006
Attempting to be a nigga and failing
Rhys: Ayee yea blad shut the fuk upp mann
Human: No, just die, wigga
by RoseRAWR June 16, 2009
A whigger is a person who has accepted the hip hop and urban cultures as their own despite their original origin.
by BasketballzSHAer September 23, 2003
a white male/female - regardless of class, who seeks to identify with gangsta-rap by wearing typical clothing modes.
they adopt rap words and phrases and wear their hair in a distinctive fashion (overly large and baggy)representative of rap artists - often with inflamatory words on front and back of "T" shirts.
Just plain fuckin annoying...
" Damn that wigga is fuckin annoying trying to fit in with his fuckin fake ass Ecko shirts and his fuckin skating shoes. "
by john horvath August 15, 2006
White people who try to act like they're black using steorotypical expressions like "word up".
White guy: Word up fo' shizzle! Ima call my homiez to rap.
Black guy: You fucking wiggas
by Académico November 21, 2007
Ugly white people who just wanna be gangsta
Wigga: What up homie g dawg unit...bitch nigga
Awesome Cool Gangsta Black Man : Man you a damn wigga not you again
by somebody .. May 11, 2006

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