White nigga-someone who is white who acts black!
White person- "wot up dawg"
by Emsie July 13, 2005
Attempting to be a nigga and failing
Rhys: Ayee yea blad shut the fuk upp mann
Human: No, just die, wigga
by RoseRAWR June 16, 2009
a white male/female - regardless of class, who seeks to identify with gangsta-rap by wearing typical clothing modes.
they adopt rap words and phrases and wear their hair in a distinctive fashion (overly large and baggy)representative of rap artists - often with inflamatory words on front and back of "T" shirts.
A whigger is a person who has accepted the hip hop and urban cultures as their own despite their original origin.
by BasketballzSHAer September 23, 2003
Just plain fuckin annoying...
" Damn that wigga is fuckin annoying trying to fit in with his fuckin fake ass Ecko shirts and his fuckin skating shoes. "
by john horvath August 15, 2006
White people who try to act like they're black using steorotypical expressions like "word up".
White guy: Word up fo' shizzle! Ima call my homiez to rap.
Black guy: You fucking wiggas
by Académico November 21, 2007
a white person who thinks there black
lee harvey:man check dat wigga fool thinks he's all black n shit wit his fubu
leroy brown: lets beat dat wigga down n jack is wallet
by plank and hot weather September 08, 2005

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