white people who like hip hop.
some over react and talk black and do other stuf black people would do though you dont have to act black if you are a wigga.
There a sound(if you not from uk this means ok)wiggaz that dont act black and just listen to hip hop and dress hip hop but dont tawk like ther black.
Im a sound wigga.
Wiggas:LOL i was once in the hip hop shop and i heard a white guy(in glasgow by he way which is in scotland)yo you in the hood on his phone.
Im a sound wigga,hang around with blacks to but a dont talk like am black there aint no need.
I also did come from a fucked up place called castlemilk(AKA cassymanky if u from glasgow u would know this) which is a low kinda place in glasgow.
by chrisy boi October 03, 2006
Caucasian that takes great pride in draping him/herself with shiny FUBU, Johnny Blaze, Champion, Wu-Tang and whatever else fake shit they can find at the markets, then pretend they are in the ghetto and call their mates "Dawg" and "Bitch" or "Word Up Niggah". Prerequisite of wearing an oversized jacket on a stinking hot day.
Me: "look at that fucking wigga he has a jacket and pants that are way too big on and it's fourty-five degrees C"

Mate: "at least he will be easy to run over with all that reflective crap on"
by Nigga Cracka January 15, 2015
A white nigga or a biracial person
Man 1: U black or white
Man 2: Nah man im black and white umma "Wigga"
by Love_No_Thotties December 17, 2014
A rich white kid, typically from the suburbs, that thinks he is gangsta.
Person 1: Look at that kid sagging his pants to his kness!
Person 2: What a wigga!
by Platitudinous November 18, 2014
a wigger or wigga, is normally a white person who is trying to be ghetto and thuggish. Wiggers are wannabes and annoy the hell out of everybody else. They try to blend in real thugs. Dont be a wigger!

Wigga: what up my niggas!? What it do homie?

Thugs: bitch shut yo stupid ass up be for u hurt yo self. Dumbass wigga!
by beanerbaby5 October 16, 2014
A wigga is a white person who acts like a real black nigga. Wiggas are most likely already black people who just like pale ass hell. Wigga came from blasians. Wigga has been aroung since August 3rd 2014. If your white and you act black make sure you put #wigga underneath all your pics so your friends and enemies can know.
Lucas: I'm going to cold-water yo ass
Nives: Bish you ain't gone do shit because I'm a wigga.
Lucas: .........
by Ignitecreed September 17, 2014

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