An extremely anti-black figure of speech, describing blacks as morons whose only achievements are to wear SHITE baggy clothes and not wear a hat properly. White people who also take the decision to wear similar clothes to the ones previously described are commonly known as "wiggas" a term coming from a collaboration of "white" and "nigga". There should be a collective word for any one who chooses to wear stupid clothes and not wear a hat properly, if of any race or skin colour and that should be "TWAT"
he is a wigga, no, he is a twat.
by sickery_mc June 13, 2004
someone who doesnt sleep on lugs
mike bihailo & jay frasca
by jerry shubert March 22, 2004
An ofensive racist term used by half-wits to refer to a white caucasion who "think's they are black" little do these people know that you cannot act a certain colour. I ask you; If a black person started actig in a certain manor would you think they are trying to be/think they are white?
Both rich black and white people can live it up and pretend to be gangsta/ghetto!
Bob(white): "Oi! Dawg what you tink you doin wearing a hoodie, thems for niggas, your a bloody wigga, man!
Pete(white): What the fuck are you on about, you're white to.
Bob: yeeah but I act my colour, yo!!!!!!
Beth(white): Bob! you wigga how dare you say yo only black people can say that, Wiggaaaaa!!!!!!
Alburt(black): Only black people can say Wigga, your all fucking Wiggas!
Bob&Beth: Just trying to protect your image!
Alburt: What ever *SLAP*
by ~ErrybodyLuffsMyOpinions~ July 04, 2009
Will R.
Will is the biggest wigga
That wigga will is ain't white
by T prak May 07, 2003
A severely delusional person.
by Anonymous January 23, 2003
2 definitions

1. a white person who is involved in black culture

2. a white person who is part-black.
Rashida Jones is white, but she is also a wigga because she is part black.
by dan July 26, 2003
A term used by white people to put down white kids that are gangsta. Us black people dont use the word becuase we arent white.
Gothic kid: ", someone tell that wigger that he is white."

White gangsta kid: "Yo son that whitey is suck a fuckin wigga!"

Black kid: "Fo sho, you ma favorite white boy fo shizzy!"
by mambo*king October 08, 2004

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