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The first wiggas were people like Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton and Stephen Stills, who made alot of money promoting the social diseases of the ghetto....drugs, divorce, alcoholism, irresponsibility, and after popularizing all of the above, and helping make the world into the ghetto it is today, went into rehab, forsook ghettoisms, got married, and continued making lots of money singing the "blues."
wigga: Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, John Mayall, Stephen Stills, Janis Joplin, Van Morrison.
by micflic October 14, 2010
someone who doesnt sleep on lugs
mike bihailo & jay frasca
by jerry shubert March 22, 2004
An ofensive racist term used by half-wits to refer to a white caucasion who "think's they are black" little do these people know that you cannot act a certain colour. I ask you; If a black person started actig in a certain manor would you think they are trying to be/think they are white?
Both rich black and white people can live it up and pretend to be gangsta/ghetto!
Bob(white): "Oi! Dawg what you tink you doin wearing a hoodie, thems for niggas, your a bloody wigga, man!
Pete(white): What the fuck are you on about, you're white to.
Bob: yeeah but I act my colour, yo!!!!!!
Beth(white): Bob! you wigga how dare you say yo only black people can say that, Wiggaaaaa!!!!!!
Alburt(black): Only black people can say Wigga, your all fucking Wiggas!
Bob&Beth: Just trying to protect your image!
Alburt: What ever *SLAP*
by ~ErrybodyLuffsMyOpinions~ July 04, 2009
Will R.
Will is the biggest wigga
That wigga will is ain't white
by T prak May 07, 2003
A severely delusional person.
by Anonymous January 23, 2003
2 definitions

1. a white person who is involved in black culture

2. a white person who is part-black.
Rashida Jones is white, but she is also a wigga because she is part black.
by dan July 26, 2003
A term used by white people to put down white kids that are gangsta. Us black people dont use the word becuase we arent white.
Gothic kid: "Oh..my..god, someone tell that wigger that he is white."

White gangsta kid: "Yo son that whitey is suck a fuckin wigga!"

Black kid: "Fo sho, you ma favorite white boy fo shizzy!"
by mambo*king October 08, 2004