A crazy mother white boy who thinks he's down in the ghetto with his bi-a-tches and bruvers,when really he aint got no rhythm.
"Ay bruv hows going in da hood"
"piss off you dont know shit wigga"
by leroy May 25, 2003
Wannabe nigga.A white kid trying to be black(nigga)no offense. White+Nigga=Wigga
Tyrone:"WTF look at that white boy rappin & shit!" Devon:"Psssshhh,what a wigga!"
by SG honey August 09, 2006
(not all white ppl)Some white ppl hu tlk n act black n think they r nang
eminem is a good example
by CRaZee biatch May 21, 2005
A white guy who thinks hes black and can rap.
A guy named Jeremy
by sum1 sumwhere July 19, 2003
The first wiggas were people like Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton and Stephen Stills, who made alot of money promoting the social diseases of the ghetto....drugs, divorce, alcoholism, irresponsibility, and after popularizing all of the above, and helping make the world into the ghetto it is today, went into rehab, forsook ghettoisms, got married, and continued making lots of money singing the "blues."
wigga: Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, John Mayall, Stephen Stills, Janis Joplin, Van Morrison.
by micflic October 14, 2010
An extremely anti-black figure of speech, describing blacks as morons whose only achievements are to wear SHITE baggy clothes and not wear a hat properly. White people who also take the decision to wear similar clothes to the ones previously described are commonly known as "wiggas" a term coming from a collaboration of "white" and "nigga". There should be a collective word for any one who chooses to wear stupid clothes and not wear a hat properly, if of any race or skin colour and that should be "TWAT"
he is a wigga, no, he is a twat.
by sickery_mc June 13, 2004
someone who doesnt sleep on lugs
mike bihailo & jay frasca
by jerry shubert March 22, 2004

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