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a white person that thinks he is gangsta and is influenced by the hip hop community.
ay yo look at that whity there he is sucha wigga lets bust a cap in his ass.
by beasta! August 18, 2007
Dont be focus on the clothes to much... its not just the clothes that makes a wigga its hes/her way to act. The personality of the wigga is the most important. I mean come on everybody can dress ghetto but its bout the attitude and the way you act. Then offcourse the clothing is important but still try to be that judging peeps. I mean a whiteboy maybee loves hip hop/rap dancing you name it.. As much as other colored(asians,black ,whatever) then only because his white he aint allowed to wear certain clothes? Man come on thats som lama ass shit. hope ya feelin it .
As they say.. Treat others in the way that you wanna be treated, and come on wiggas dont try to be someone else then yourself. Peace
by Changes July 09, 2007
A gangsta whiteboy who is gangsta and probably live in the projects probably acts black and hangs with the blacks
Black kid: check out dat wiggas shoes there so tight
by woody da whiteboy June 08, 2007
A word used in the Leicestershire suburb of Wigston to refer to another inhabitant of Wigston used mainly by the street BMXers
Yes Wigga u ridin that street today
by Tailwhip January 17, 2007
A white person who lives(d) in a mostly black community and grew up the way blacks do. They walk, talk, and live the way they do which includes: what they listen to, what they wear, and the way they talk.

A wigger is a white person who lives in the suburbs and talks shitty ass slang and think they ghetto but got enough money to buy the fucking ghetto.

Bitches stop getting wigger and wigga mixed up
Black 1: "Ay you see that wigga ova thurr?"

Black 2: "Yea he be koo he goin out wit Ron's sister"

Black 1: "Oh shit that white boy got taste"
by Robsta 337 November 15, 2006
A white guy who is sad enough to act, talk, walk and generally try to impersenate a black guy. A.K.A someone who needs a hobby ;-)
1: C'mon then my homies
2: Fuck you, Wigga!
by THE TRUE MASTER May 25, 2006
A white cracker trying to be black.
Mike Batchelor,
Wigga:Yo son You see dat jon last night
What the fuck did you just say wigga
by salasa January 30, 2006