A wigga is a white guy trying to act black, ghetto, etc. While this is redonkulous for those suburb white boys in some cases wiggas get treated wrongly.
Black guy: "yo cuz look at that punk ass wigga thinkin he black. Ima go drop that bitch"

White guy: "dude is you crazy? I've been through more struggling and shit than you. Our president is black and slavery is long gone so don't try to play the racism shit on me. Also your dad has a Range and you bring 50$ to school errday, and my fams livin on fuckin welfare and I have no dad...so I've been through more shit than you check yoself."

*black guy knows it's true*
by Bigj2214 September 16, 2009
A Caucasian (white) who pretends to be Afro, Hood, Gangsta or anything else referring to the Black culture for fashion or acceptance. Normally a white societal reject who wears baggy clothing and listens to Hip-Hop or Rap without experiencing the tribulations of the inner-city lifestyle nor deemed the privilege or right to do so.

A combination of the words white and the offensive words nigger or nigga.

Also know as wigger.
Fly, Vanilla Ice, Trent Basas are "Wiggas."
by Mr. Frank Black July 24, 2009
A person of the caucasiun persuasion who gets no respect from this click. Typically is white and from an area of white predominance in population. Have a tendency to refer to other white people as quote "Nigga".

Eminem CDs experience endless rotation in this characters car.
"Oh shit! Those wiggas are back wit like 5 more!"
"Ain't a problem. Since we white too...we'll just beat they ass like we know how."
"Did he just call me...'nigga'?!"
by Johny Insane May 29, 2009
Person that uses an overly large wig to try to hide their face when vlogging
Wigga is hiding what she really looks liek.
by NebraskaAndi April 20, 2009
Wanker, try hard, wanna be black person, gangster
Hahaha hes a wigga

That wigga over there looked at me funny

that wigga bashed my emo girlfriend
by cashy22 August 19, 2007
a white person that thinks he is gangsta and is influenced by the hip hop community.
ay yo look at that whity there he is sucha wigga lets bust a cap in his ass.
by beasta! August 18, 2007
Dont be focus on the clothes to much... its not just the clothes that makes a wigga its hes/her way to act. The personality of the wigga is the most important. I mean come on everybody can dress ghetto but its bout the attitude and the way you act. Then offcourse the clothing is important but still try to be that judging peeps. I mean a whiteboy maybee loves hip hop/rap dancing you name it.. As much as other colored(asians,black ,whatever) then only because his white he aint allowed to wear certain clothes? Man come on thats som lama ass shit. hope ya feelin it .
As they say.. Treat others in the way that you wanna be treated, and come on wiggas dont try to be someone else then yourself. Peace
by Changes July 09, 2007
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