A white dude who aint got none and thinks he knows how to shake it.

Also, this white dude probably gets beat up alot and lives with his mama.
me: hey check out that wigga on the dance floor
him: he ain't got none, oh no, he ain't got none
me: let's beat 'em up!
by Lauren Gee May 03, 2004
a white person trying to be black, or a white person making a lot of sence.
Eminem is the best in the world, he's not a wigga. get it right!
by Pooky January 28, 2004
white person acting black
wat wit dat wigga eh? he cumin round 2 our cribz n actin like he ownz it all
by QueEn lATIFah April 15, 2003
A confused white kid who thinks he is black by trying to talk like black people and wear fubu and fake jewelry. If you put them in a real ghetto or hood they would probably shit themselves. They usually live in the suburbs.
Jacob: wats up mah niggaahhh
Cody: wats good my dawwwgg!!!!
Regular white person: you guys are wiggas
by turnup998822 July 04, 2013
A white black person. A white person may call another white person wigga but a black person can't call a white person wigga.
Yo, what's up my wigga?!
by Mila2 December 14, 2012
a white nigga
you're a wigga!
by skittles5231993 October 10, 2009
A wigga is a white guy trying to act black, ghetto, etc. While this is redonkulous for those suburb white boys in some cases wiggas get treated wrongly.
Black guy: "yo cuz look at that punk ass wigga thinkin he black. Ima go drop that bitch"

White guy: "dude is you crazy? I've been through more struggling and shit than you. Our president is black and slavery is long gone so don't try to play the racism shit on me. Also your dad has a Range and you bring 50$ to school errday, and my fams livin on fuckin welfare and I have no dad...so I've been through more shit than you check yoself."

*black guy knows it's true*
by Bigj2214 September 16, 2009

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