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a white person that give people like me a bad rap they act like they black say N**** to black people without think there is a problem with that. Im not a wigga i just enjoy listening to hip-hop and somtimes rap and dress well so the next muthaF***a who call me a wigga is gonna get leveled (knocekd flat)
look at john hes a wiggacause he acts black and dresses black
But bil on the other hand is not a wigga beacuse he just dreses in urban wear
by woody da whiteboy June 08, 2007
A Wigga is a white person who portrays attributes of a person with African-American origin's.
Blinky: Hey brother "Whats is up today"

Snoop Soggy Sog: Shut up you Wigga
by Soggy July 07, 2004
A person by the name of Arsen.
Yo that mofo Arsen is such a wigga. When is he gonna learn he ain't black?!
by GGGGGGGGunit June 06, 2004
A white dude who aint got none and thinks he knows how to shake it.

Also, this white dude probably gets beat up alot and lives with his mama.
me: hey check out that wigga on the dance floor
him: he ain't got none, oh no, he ain't got none
me: let's beat 'em up!
by Lauren Gee May 03, 2004
a white person trying to be black, or a white person making a lot of sence.
Eminem is the best in the world, he's not a wigga. get it right!
by Pooky January 28, 2004
white person acting black
wat wit dat wigga eh? he cumin round 2 our cribz n actin like he ownz it all
by QueEn lATIFah April 15, 2003
A confused white kid who thinks he is black by trying to talk like black people and wear fubu and fake jewelry. If you put them in a real ghetto or hood they would probably shit themselves. They usually live in the suburbs.
Jacob: wats up mah niggaahhh
Cody: wats good my dawwwgg!!!!
Regular white person: you guys are wiggas
by turnup998822 July 04, 2013