a white person who makes themself look stupid by dressin and actin black.
Vanilla Ice and Justin Timberlake
by GhettoLatinaBooty April 05, 2003
Not the wankstas like you see in ghettos. A wigga is a white variation on the word nigga and thus is only okay if used by white people.
White guy 1: "Sup, my wigga?"
White guy 2: "Wigga!"
*the two do a special handshake*
Black guy: "Sup, my wiggas?"
Both: *chase the black guy away with torches and ghost costumes*
by wiggawiggawigga yeah! January 21, 2014
a white nigga; racist ; convination
his parents are white and black so we called him a wigga; you are such a wigga; look at the wigga of the locker
by qw4fr March 05, 2010
A white nigga.
Someone who thinks he is black when really your skin color doesn't define your personallity. Most likly comes from a well-off family, yet thinks his life is shitty and wears hip-hop clothes and listens to hip-hop/rap.

You are not a wigga if you truely like that style of clothes and/or music. You could be depressed and like those styles. Only if you act that way to be liked/get more attention/or think you're cool for doing it, are you a wigga.
Soulja Boy: Man did you just see Eminem's concert? What a wigga!
50 cent: Com'on man, his whole life has been shitty, he's never even seen a picture of his father and he grew up in the hood. Lay off man, he's no wigga cause it's not an act!
by hanhanjr September 26, 2009
A white guy who dresses and talks in a similar fashion to the street muggers and thieves who exist in and around Croydon.
Who does that dick think he is dressing like that, he's got his underpants showing 6 inches above his jeans and he can't even put his hat on the right way round. Must be one of those fucking wigga twats!
by Toocleverbyfar August 09, 2009
A derogatory term used to denote foolish morons of primarily caucasian heritage who act like those of African heritage in the hope it will make them 'hip' but it sadly has the inverse effect and leaves one with a confusing mixture of pity, contempt and that feeling in the pit of your stomach when an abomination of nature you know God should have killed at birth crosses your path
1. "Dude check out that wigga over there!"

2. "Look at X over there! He's totally wiggin'!"
by Roteman May 18, 2009
a mix between a white person and a nigga that acts like a gangsta
alex c. is trying not to be a wigga

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