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usually misspelled by canadians, orignally means 'Wiggle'
* Xaviera sits on jatons lap and wiffle
<Xaviera> wiggles^
by ntman April 04, 2003
6 26
A very short haircut usually for males in which the hair resembles the bristle surface of a brush. Synonym for crewcut.
I'm going to the barber to get a wiffle.
by FartSniffer July 25, 2005
77 20
A terrible case of Acne of the Vagina.
"You should get your Wiffles checked out soon"

"OMG, her wiffles are so gross!"
by ilikewafflesyo October 17, 2010
25 7
Something with many holes.
Guy: Jen is my wiffle, if you know what I mean.
by Jennara November 28, 2009
19 18
a faster, cuter way of saying WTF
Your face is on crack.
by wordcreatingbeast007 December 15, 2010
11 13
To have an orgasm inside of anothers body Ex. Mouth, Butt or Vagina.
Past tense term: Wiffled
Definition: To have HAD an orgasm inside anothers body.
Wiffle: "When we have sex will you let me wiffle you?"
Wiffled: "Have you ever been wiffled?"
by SDman1904 January 02, 2011
18 25
v. To be uncertain or unsure on a decision. Also, to not care either way.
I'm wiffling about whether to go out tonight. What do you guys want to do?
by MouseLycanthrope May 15, 2005
12 30
Part of hyphenated term ( WIFFLE -SNIFFLE ) The odiferous plume that accompanies a queef
Hibbidy Hoo Ha I just smelled her wiffle-sniffle
14 33