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1-American Ghetto version of the word "With"
2- Illiterate way to say the word "with"
I was bein so in luv dat I jus wanted to be wiff her yo
by Bob Houston November 15, 2005
To just barely miss the intended goal. To make a mistake, but being very close to actually achieving the intended objective.
I wiffed the shot - it hit the post of the goal.

I wiffed question three on the exam. I forgot to carry the one in the math.

The sniper just wiffed the tin can with his bullet.
by Mr.Timber June 12, 2012
An acronym for "What In The Flying Fuck"
Daughter: Mom, Dad, I'm pregnant.

Parents: WIFF
by OnlyHurtsWhenILaugh June 27, 2013
Short for weird friends forever, similar to the term biff.
Instead of being biffs, Amanda and Stan are wiffs.
by personlalahi April 04, 2010
Sorry, I'm rather wiff right now. I haven't showered in a week.
by hedonics December 05, 2009
Good shit!!
a cross between biffy clyro and weed.
gets you high as fuck.
gonna have some of this wiff innit!

you sellin any wiff!?
by jesus jameson June 18, 2008
"wiff" is something stupid people that need to learn how to spell\type use instead of typing "with".

people who don't spell right when they type are ph-aggots
- _ -
ex."i need to go to grammar school wiff some of my friends"
by jo'momma!! December 22, 2010
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