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When you spot the most run downed car or truck (any other kind of transportation out there) EVER and you don't want to call it what it really is ( fugly, shit). Instead you take the easy route and say " Daymn you got's a wife beater car right thurr".

The term is not offending anyone, it's just a way of saying that your car is beat up and crappy. But in a nicer way =D
Your friend pulls up in a crapola car and your like..

Pablo- " HOLY BEEJEEBUS MAN, you have a wife beater car"
Henray-" PSSHT like your car is any better, I've seen those stains in the back seat"
Pablo- " Oh yee your mom and I were ... making cupcakes"
Henray-" ... truce"
by B-ret =D July 27, 2009
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