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The female lies on her back with her ass in the air and her legs over her head.
The male then penetrates her asshole until of reasonable width. The male then adds a touch of lime juice, natural yoghurt, a blended fruit mix (preferably strawberry, orange & papaya) and then adds half a glass of crushed ice.
The male then proceeds to penetrate the asshole once more ensuring that all the ingredients are properly mixed and topping off the combination with a drizzle of cum.
The female then clenches her ass and jumps up and down 3 times before farting out the mushy drink into the glass for the male to drink. (Can also be used to wash down a nice bowl of Chunky Nipple Soup)
Wife: "How was the gym dear?"

Husband: "It was good babe...i am very de-hydrated though"...(gasps for air)

Wife: "Well how about we make you a nice glass of Wienerschnitzel Scheisse Slushie??"

Husband: "Oh thats lovely dear...nothing like a good ol drink from the stink to quench my thirst!!!"
by The Venga!!! April 16, 2010
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