Southern expression popularised by Jeff Foxworthy.
"You didn't bring yoiur truck widja didja?
by Cornfucker January 25, 2004
Top Definition
interrogative. a question; inquisition meaning "With you, did you" in Redneck.
"Hey, you deedn't bring yer truck widjadidja?"
by Calder December 01, 2003
Redneck slang that combines many words to ease the complexity of a sentence so that small minds are able to understand what is being said.
Hey Jed, you did'nt bring your mama widjadidja?
by a.w. April 29, 2004
slang term for the two idealistic white man words would you and did you...
Hey widja or didja bring the crack.
by no your name May 14, 2004
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