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UK English Primary school word for penis - even more childish than willy.

Can be lengthened to widgy if you want.
"Miss, Miss - I fell over and hurt my widge."
by Noodle May 14, 2005
Verb: to milk all the enjoyment from an activity by doing it many times to the point of near-obsession. For example, to play a favored song over and over. This unusual verb, a corruption of the noun 'widget', resulted from the following statement:

"When I enjoy a certain song/book/game/widget, I tend to listen/read/play/widge the shit out of it."

This lead to the phrase 'to widge the shit out of,' which later gave way to simply 'to widge.'
"Later, guys. I'm going to go widge the shit out of that new Neil Gaiman novel."


"Hey, have you played Super Mario Bros 3 yet?"
"Not yet. I'm still widging Legend of Zelda."
"For Christ's sake, man, you've played that goddamned game sixty-seven times. What the hell is this, 1987?"
by Kimic September 24, 2006
The general term encompassing all people, creatures and things that are loveable, amiable, nice and/or cute.
Can be exclaimed as a complimentary expression or used as an adjective when referring to something.
-Aww widge!
-That bloke was widge.
-You're rather widgey today.
by Suze Boo October 06, 2004
Alternative to the word "Penis". Can also be used as a non-threatening insult to a person or persons
James: "Martin you are such a big widge"
penis cock slong trouser snake pork sword
by slimsniper December 08, 2009
The secong syllable of "Sewidge".
Used to subtly implie someone has foul breath.
Really really stinky foul smelling breath!
Ian would be called Widge because his breath stinks so bad!
by ljdp November 17, 2006
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