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Any situation where you are legs and/or cheeks akimbo and feel sudden terror, for example:

- you are getting fucked by the gardener when your psychopathic mobster husband comes home early

- the shit you are taking is so wide, long and dry you fear it might split your ring open and/or drag out some colon with it

- two guys hold you bent over a table while a third kicks your legs open in preparation for the gang that's about to ass rape and possibly kill you

- the glass jar you put up your ass for a sexual thrill suddenly breaks under the pressure
Dude have you seen one guy, one jar? Now THAT'S widespread panic.
by Okotoimako October 30, 2011
Southern-rock jam band. See em live for a good time.
Good Evenin' Ladies and Gents!!
by pinklady March 05, 2005
heaven; funkin' wagnall; blast off 2004; tatered; beanland; dance station central; best time of your life...
Widespread Panic are the best good time party subculture band in my opinion.

I'm a spreadhead
by Alecs Cook August 31, 2003
knock off of Phish, mainly listened to by red neck frat guys.
by Anonymous August 27, 2003