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1. Pertaining to that which is wickid(slang)

2. Sheer unadulterated awesomeness

3. That which is of the utmost quality in providing pleasure in what ever instance.

4. Applied in a sarcastic manner (50-70% of its usage) A very forced smile and head nodding should also be applied during saying of the word, this in turn shows positivity, the mask for your probably disapproval, ennui, general can't be arsedness and indeed in extreme cases - hate
1. I went to this club in soho, it was wickonian

2. I found £5000 down the side of my sofa, I think you'll find that wickonian is the only suitable adjective here! Though I will also accept ka-ching!!!!

3. She was wickonian, TWICE!!!

4. annoying girl (or guy): "(insert crap about themselves you don't give two Feet-Under-Constricted-Knee'S about)"
guy (or girl): "yea, yea, (the most fake, forced smile ever) that's wickonian" (throws in a thumbs up for good measure)
by fantasticmrK March 26, 2009

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