Top Definition
Cool or awsome ; usualy used twice
That shit was so wickie wickie
by Stephen Stevens(yes real name) December 10, 2008
Insect, usually crawling, often one people are afraid of.
Look, there's a wickie crawling up the wall
by Britgurl August 28, 2010
A wicked quickie - a good bout of sex that's done very quick due to time constraints - no foreplay - just in and out - but it's super good for both involved!!
Sarah and I had to hurry to my brother's wedding but before we left we had a wickie - you can't kick the smiles off our faces!!!
by Dusty Rivers October 16, 2009
a word that means something like nookie. any kissing or sexual action a boy and girl perform together
aren told danny that i was only in it for the wickie and he began to like me even more.
by jules badules February 16, 2005
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