Mainiac term used to describe extreme interest in something, to over emphasize an adjective. (wik-ed) super adjective
Yeah the paint job on that car is wicked awesome.
by BrandonP August 06, 2006
meaning a lot. To stress something. Boston accent uses this
It is wicked hot outside. That kid is wicked retarded
by ericswill69 July 29, 2006
a word used to enhance whatever it is describing. it can be used as an adjective or an adverb. it's commonly used in new england states, except for western connecticut.
"that car is wicked fast"
"he was wicked hot"
by martha March 04, 2005
Very cool, awesome. As seen on The Ali G Show.
"I boned me Julie last night."
"Yo, wicked! Total respek."
by Dangerous Dave February 13, 2005
Of Boston Origins

Any possible adjective, usually replaces "very"
This clam chowdah is WICKED good.
by Billy November 10, 2004
A word used by stereotypical clubbers in England
Hey mate, I pulled this bird mate, it was wicked mate
by Anonymous October 31, 2003
While similar to the word 'very', it is actually better than 'very' and it's usage can expand to include a meaning of 'excellent'. Key to it's usage is passion in the voice and strong emphasis on the word over all others in the sentence. It must be better than very good and you are pumped about the thing that is 'wicked".
"Wow, this Maine lobster roll is wicked good!"
"The Sox were wicked good last night in that 10-0 blanking of the Yanks!"
"Can you believe I hit the jackpot? That was wicked cool!"
"Man, that moose in the road was wicked scary. Can't believe I dodged him. He'd have killed us had I hit him. That was wicked!"
by gamel339 July 06, 2011

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