used to exxagerate how good or bad something is
"that steak was wicked good" or "that guy's a wicked asshole"
by romeolvr5997 May 03, 2009
adv. = very, extremely, etc.
adj. = cool, great, big, beautiful (any positive meaning appropriate to the noun)
Could be either adverb or adjective at least as early as 1972 in New England when I started using it.
That was a wicked home run. He hit it wicked far. Except I missed it because I was checking out that chick -- she's wicked nice. That halter top is wicked!
by Mr. B Goode April 12, 2007
A handstyle (tag) style in Philly.
ENEM has a dope wicked
by Lazlow April 01, 2007
1)From a Bostonian origin. Used by people brought up in or around Boston to express intense admiration for something.
2)A word us Bostonians use so our out-of-town friends can make fun of us.
Oh my god, thats wicked, f-in' awesome!
by Lexie November 16, 2003
An amount of cool.
The scale of how much somthing is.
A wicked amount...
Used primarily in New England
Yo that playa is wicked sketchy.
That concert was wicked hot.
by Studtaco March 26, 2003
The best Big ever.
She's Wicked!
by Juniperkpl October 01, 2009
originated in Boston, MA! The best place in the word, another way to say very or a lot of...if that makes sense?
wicked cool or he is wicked rude.
by itaboston_34 June 20, 2009

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