Ok theres a lot missing in the other definitions.

Everyone is saying how its New England for 'very' and 'really', and all love, but your just a small part of the world, and it might sound stupid to you to use it in another way but you're just being ethnocentric.

1. Cool, awesome, etc. And not just in the UK but as high up as NEW YORK!!

2. Awful, sick (the gross version of sick, not the cool one) disgusting nasty.

3. New England for 'very' or 'really' but we got that part already.
1. "That crazy shit you just pulled was so wicked!!"

2. "Your farts are so wicked!!"

3. "You sound stupid if you don't say a word after 'wicked', like that was 'wicked cool'. Ahh'm from New England!!"
by RavenC July 10, 2008
Used in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. Used before a verb or an adjective to mean "really, very, totally, etc."

Variation: wicked rank
Ace Ventura Pet Detective is wicked awesome! This book wicked sucks. It's wicked retarded. Travis wicked wants on Janine. This winter's been wicked cold so far. Somebody wicked wiped out on the icy sidewalk in front of my house and I laughed wicked hard at them.

Terri got a wicked rank sunburn at Kenosee, she forgot to put any sunscreen on and it was wicked hot out all day.
by Leigh Steele September 12, 2006
UK version - doesnt mean 'really' like in america - just means good.
this tune's wicked
by G December 04, 2003
A word derived in the suburban areas of Boston, Now used all of over New England. Means Cool, really, its generally as an ajective.
I drive a cah that is wicked cool. I pahked it in Havahd yahd.
by Anonymous June 12, 2003
Word enhancer;
To express that something is the best or worst
Rob Mino is wicked fond of the wicked cool word wicked
by Rhmm January 31, 2014
The Boston meaning derived from the movie " West Side Story" in 1961. The meaning came from the movie in which the gangs of NYC would use the word " cool ". In Somerville, Ma. in the hub of Boston, Jim Labadini orchestrated the use of this word through out the Somerville school system over 4,000 students. This was intended to be a word that would be unique to kids in Somerville to use to express " how cool" something is in their own terminology. It quickly caught on through out Greater Boston.
Somerville is the most wicked city in Boston.
by Wicked Cool Jay May 02, 2013
to describe something that is beyond the definition of "cool"

A synonym for wicked would be "Sick"
(Guy lands a 360 hardflip successfully)

by TheThinker92 January 23, 2011

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