to describe something that is beyond the definition of "cool"

A synonym for wicked would be "Sick"
(Guy lands a 360 hardflip successfully)

by TheThinker92 January 23, 2011
Wicked is a term used to express a feeling that something is 'good' 'cool' 'awesome'.

Some use the term 'Wicked,' to define something or someone as evil.

'Team Wicked,' is the combined genius of two almost fictional characters called Ella and Max. They aim to be as big as sliced bread in the figurative sense. They strive for peace among man and coral, the coral that lurks maliciously beneath the surface of the deep blue appearing unresponsive but secretly planning attack on humans.

Rest assured the power of wicked (the good version not the evil one) will prevail and shall. claim. victory!
'Hey man have you heard of that new revolution hitting town,'
'Yeah team wicked, they're wicked!'
'Yeah, wicked!'
by thepurpleone February 02, 2010
used to exxagerate how good or bad something is
"that steak was wicked good" or "that guy's a wicked asshole"
by romeolvr5997 May 03, 2009
Ok theres a lot missing in the other definitions.

Everyone is saying how its New England for 'very' and 'really', and all love, but your just a small part of the world, and it might sound stupid to you to use it in another way but you're just being ethnocentric.

1. Cool, awesome, etc. And not just in the UK but as high up as NEW YORK!!

2. Awful, sick (the gross version of sick, not the cool one) disgusting nasty.

3. New England for 'very' or 'really' but we got that part already.
1. "That crazy shit you just pulled was so wicked!!"

2. "Your farts are so wicked!!"

3. "You sound stupid if you don't say a word after 'wicked', like that was 'wicked cool'. Ahh'm from New England!!"
by RavenC July 10, 2008
adv. = very, extremely, etc.
adj. = cool, great, big, beautiful (any positive meaning appropriate to the noun)
Could be either adverb or adjective at least as early as 1972 in New England when I started using it.
That was a wicked home run. He hit it wicked far. Except I missed it because I was checking out that chick -- she's wicked nice. That halter top is wicked!
by Mr. B Goode April 12, 2007
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