Originated in and around Boston, MA.
1. Another way to say 'really' or 'very' 2. Great. It can be used either before an adjective (ex. 1) or as an adjective itself(ex. 2). It cannot be used before a sopisticated adjective like "admirable" or "excellent". If you aren't from New England, don't say it or you'll sound stupid. Wicked stupid.

Note: Don't use the second definition. It sounds REALLY lame.
Definiton 1 examples:
"That was wicked awesome!"
"I'm wicked lonely, nobody's online."

Definition 2 examples:
"That concert was wicked."
by Unscrupulously Awesome. November 25, 2007
A word used by people in the Boston/New England area instead of hecka, hella or whatever the hell you use
The Red Sox kick wicked big yankee ass.
by marykate November 10, 2005
1. Wicked (wick-ed, proper noun)
- a Broadway musical which serves as a backstory behind the relationship between the Wicked Witches, the Wizard of Oz, and Glinda the Good Witch.

2. wicked (wick-ed, adj.)

a) word used to describe something as being evil or nasty, as in "the wicked witch eats children for breakfast".

b) New England slang used to describe something that is devilishly awsome, very cool, extreme, or clever.
That's a wicked-looking dagger you've got there!

That was a wicked roller-coasted ride!

Your new hairstyle is totally wicked!
by padmeamanda June 02, 2005
Wicked is a word used by all New Englanders, not just certain states, all New England States. It means really or very. It is the same thing as "Hella"
That was wicked awesome.
by Matt April 14, 2004
This definition originated in Boston -

Very, extremely

Must have adjective after it

"It's wicked pissah"

meaning "it's very cool"
by Melela July 22, 2008
Used in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. Used before a verb or an adjective to mean "really, very, totally, etc."

Variation: wicked rank
Ace Ventura Pet Detective is wicked awesome! This book wicked sucks. It's wicked retarded. Travis wicked wants on Janine. This winter's been wicked cold so far. Somebody wicked wiped out on the icy sidewalk in front of my house and I laughed wicked hard at them.

Terri got a wicked rank sunburn at Kenosee, she forgot to put any sunscreen on and it was wicked hot out all day.
by Leigh Steele September 12, 2006
wicked is used all over new england for the word "really". (we're just that cool...)
you're wicked retarded...
by StotheJ November 07, 2003

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