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The best musical in the history of musicals.
if you haven't watched Wicked, you should go see it.
by Liberal Girl May 06, 2009
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Contrary to Sholto from London's belief, "wicked" did not originate in England in the mid 1990's. Take it from an old broad, Wicked has been used in the Boston area since time began basically. Used as an adverb in place of very, really, etc. to emphasize something. True Bostonians (All New Englanders may be included in this, after all, we all root for the "wicked amazing" Patriots)always use an adjective after employing the use of wicked.
Wicked stupid!
Wicked retahded!
Wicked awesome!
Wicked cool!

Tedy Bruschi is wicked awesome! He came back from a wicked bad stroke and then went out and kicked some wicked big ass with the rest of the wicked amazing Patriots!
by Old Broad October 16, 2006
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Used to describe something as 'really cool'. Same idea as hella except north eastern style.
That was a wicked awesome concert.
by kara January 14, 2004
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wicked is New England based- and is equivolent to the word really.
that house is wicked cool
by katieferrari October 20, 2005
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1. Wicked (wick-ed, proper noun)
- a Broadway musical which serves as a backstory behind the relationship between the Wicked Witches, the Wizard of Oz, and Glinda the Good Witch.

2. wicked (wick-ed, adj.)

a) word used to describe something as being evil or nasty, as in "the wicked witch eats children for breakfast".

b) New England slang used to describe something that is devilishly awsome, very cool, extreme, or clever.
That's a wicked-looking dagger you've got there!

That was a wicked roller-coasted ride!

Your new hairstyle is totally wicked!
by padmeamanda June 02, 2005
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what fred and george weasley say
dumbledore: this year, hogwarts will be hosting the triwizard tournament!

twins: wickeedddd.. wicked
by ashsal June 24, 2011
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Wicked is a term used to express a feeling that something is 'good' 'cool' 'awesome'.

Some use the term 'Wicked,' to define something or someone as evil.

'Team Wicked,' is the combined genius of two almost fictional characters called Ella and Max. They aim to be as big as sliced bread in the figurative sense. They strive for peace among man and coral, the coral that lurks maliciously beneath the surface of the deep blue appearing unresponsive but secretly planning attack on humans.

Rest assured the power of wicked (the good version not the evil one) will prevail and shall. claim. victory!
'Hey man have you heard of that new revolution hitting town,'
'Yeah team wicked, they're wicked!'
'Yeah, wicked!'
by thepurpleone February 02, 2010
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