A musical,book,and soon to be a movie.
The stars are Idnia Menzel and Kristen Chenoworth.
Wicked is truly a movie a family HAS to see.
1. My favorite song on Wicked is "One Short Day."
2. Defying Gravity was Awesome!
by Wicked Fan June 01, 2007
1. and awesome book written by gregory maguire in 1995
2. an even awesomer musical with music by stephan (steven) schwartz and book by winnie holzman that has been practically everywhere in the world
1. some randon: wow, that book wicked by gregory maguire was awesome
2. another random: OMG! i absolutly love wicked! its fantastic!

original random: huh?
by actdancesing November 06, 2009
Originates from the Massacusetts-Rhode Island area of New England, used as a synonum to very and really. Rivals the West Coast’s word hella…
My boy is wicked smaht.
by the infamous giz November 09, 2005
associated with a typical Boston accent where one says "wicked" to express a degree of extreme to a word.
That game was wicked awesome.
Your girlfriend is wicked hot.
by Mikal March 03, 2005
The best musical in the history of musicals.
if you haven't watched Wicked, you should go see it.
by Liberal Girl May 06, 2009
used as really or extremely....im from mass and get made fun of if i use it anywhere other than her which is wicked gay
hey that shirt is wicked cool

*if you ever use this word without an ajective after it you'll sound like a jackass... hey how'd this word spread from massachusetts anyway? if you use or have used it and you dont live in new england then you suck wicked bad.
by goobiethegoober April 29, 2005
In 1966 & '67 we used the word "wicked" all the time in Imperial Beach, California, a Southern California coastal suburb of San Diego, to describe something totally hot, awesome, cool, bitchin, etc.
1. Check out that wicked car!
by Bob Sampson September 08, 2007

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