Adverb. Severe and distressing; used as an intensive: very, in a high degree; extremely: truly; absolutely: totally.

Used to express awe. Awesome.
That guy is a wicked shitlicker. I am wicked happy. That was wicked admirable. I have a wicked boner.


From an Old Bostonian and a Middle English, an alteration of wicke, ultimately from Old English wicca, sorcerer. See witch.
by nick May 06, 2005
A term mostly used in Massachusetts. The term replaces "very," and "really." The word MUST have an adjective after it or it just does not work.

Note: Not all Massachusetts folks speak without an "r." That is only the Boston people.
"Dude, that is wicked awesome"
"I can't believe I got a speeding ticket, that is wicked retarded"
by The Loch ness monster January 01, 2006
new england slang. it originated in boston, despite what those NH people say. they have credit for the "massholes", thats it. it means "really" or "very". it's the north east's y'all; other people make fun of us for saying it, but we say it constantly anyway. i guess it could be considered an adverb?

saying a band is good makes them sound alright. saying they're wicked good makes them sound awesome.
"its wicked hot out today."
"that biology test was wicked hard!"
"that kid is wicked gay."
"all time low is wicked awsome!"
"i had to babysit this wicked annoying brat on saturday."
"that was wicked mean!"
"it got wicked quiet just now..."
"that was a wicked awkward silence."
Wicked is a relatively new Broadway musical. It is basically a prequel to the Wizard of Oz. It tells the story of the witches of Oz:Wicked Witch of the West,Wicked Witch of the East, and Glinda the Good Witch. It focuses primarily on Elphaba,better known as The Wicked Witch of the West, and her misunderstood story. The tagline of the show is "A Lot Happened Before Dorothy Dropped In....."
"Maybe some of us are different" ~Elphaba, Wicked
by AshBASHtus70189 November 16, 2005
Slang derived from the UK, mostly used in Birmingham, England. If something is wicked, its cool, great, fun, awesome etc.

Note: You do NOT use an adjective afterwards, unlike the American way.
That japanese porno was fukin' wicked!!!
by 0wn4g3_206 December 04, 2004
Wicked: Apparently, according to Prisoners of Azkaban, the only word in Ronald Weasley's vocabulary.
"That was wicked, Harry!"
by Desecre Demorte June 29, 2004
really, extremely, or especially
when the Red Sox beat the Yankees, I was "wicked" excited!
by Lillian October 09, 2003

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