Heavy Metal that is tr00, kvlt or awesome.
Manowar are wicked, the Kings of Metal.

Judas Priest are wicked awesome.

Korn are posers, not wicked at all.
by Turks June 13, 2004
synonym for really, but more intense. new england thing. when used in the phrase "wicked good" the speaker is almost definatly from maine.
That was a wicked good party last night, but who was that fat kid running around?
by Anonymous April 27, 2003
The most mediocre musical on Broadway right now.
"Hey Steve, let's go see Sweeney Todd. Wicked is headache-inducing."
#bad music #bad musicals #broadway #stephen schwartz #bad pop music #synths #spectacle #no substance
by Angelina M July 12, 2006
word used to describe rachel.. the coolest person ever
wow. rachel is wicked.
by ack attack February 12, 2005
really, or extreme

Also used widely used in Central New York (Utica, Syracuse) not just Boston and New England
The Red Sox are wicked gay
by Joey P December 01, 2004
what northerners say in an attempt to sound "hip." actually makes them look like morons.
Yankees are wicked awful.
by HSCguy November 08, 2004
A stupid word used by stupid people to show how stupid they are, or used to describe something else to show they are supremely idiotic
I am wicked bad
you are wicked (the height of stupidity)
that was da wicked bomb
by Benevolent Man June 02, 2003
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