Someone that learns quickly.
He learns like Wicked!!

I wish I could learn like Wicked!!
by ammar March 18, 2005
madd; madd; madd
They fromped for a wicked long time.
by Doogan & Yram April 14, 2004
Not wicked, being sarcastic
You're wicked (sarcastic tone)
by mike santos March 02, 2004
To an extreme degree
Originated in Wayne Maine in 1971 or '72 by probably the Dimitri brothers. Widely used in the Winthrop Maine area at that time and was introduced to Boston by those of us going to college in that area.
We had a wicked good time and the band was wicked loud.
by Don Smith December 05, 2003
(adj) A Vermont word meaning Very Cool but usually in reference to something ski or snowboard related.
Dude, the pipe (half pipe) is wicked good. or Dude, that powder was wicked good. or That was wicked when he pulled the 360 iron cross off the ledge.
by NordicBoy January 19, 2004
Heavy Metal that is tr00, kvlt or awesome.
Manowar are wicked, the Kings of Metal.

Judas Priest are wicked awesome.

Korn are posers, not wicked at all.
by Turks June 13, 2004
synonym for really, but more intense. new england thing. when used in the phrase "wicked good" the speaker is almost definatly from maine.
That was a wicked good party last night, but who was that fat kid running around?
by Anonymous April 27, 2003

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