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British Talk for Cool :)
British Way: That was so Bloody Wicked!
American Way: That was so Fucking Cool!
by hexaGonmaN April 28, 2004
Pronunciation: 'wi-ked
Function: adjective
1 : morally very bad <that old lady is wicked>

Function: adverd
1 : (New England origins) used to replace "extremely", "very", "exceptionally", ect. Simirlar to other slang terms such as "mad" <that lady we just past in the store had some mad curves>
I got some wicked high air going off that jump on the ski slope.
by Dan April 17, 2004
A word used in all of New England, orginating in the Boston area meaning very or to show stress. Used as an Adverb mostly.
He is wicked hot.
I'm going to pahk my cah in Havahd yahd cause im from boston and im wicked cool like that.
by Danielle January 06, 2004
really; a lot (of New England origins)

synonymous to 'hecka' from California
That party was wicked cool.
by Kei October 17, 2003
A word that originally came from the English underground. Used in the same way as a person from the Northeast United States to give more expression than the words very or cool.
That's a wicked dj, mate!
by JunglizedOne October 18, 2004
A brand of alcohol sold in Europe that will get you drunk very fast...has yet to reach mainstream America. Highly recommended if you find yourself over in Europe in the pub.
"That Wicked was damn good. Give me another."
by brooke December 30, 2003
awesome; in great quantity
That was a wicked pisser.
That band was wicked cool.
by Anonymous January 23, 2003