Mainiac term used to describe extreme interest in something, to over emphasize an adjective. (wik-ed) super adjective

Yeah the paint job on that car is wicked awesome.

by BPelletier November 10, 2006
Wicked means really, extremely, or very. Moslty used in New England around Boston and what not. If you use wicked and aren't near Boston or somethinh people are going to think your stupid because they won't know what it means. Believe me I would know, consider it advice from one New Englander to another
That's wicked stupid.
It's wicked hot out.
I'm wicked mad.
by someone you don't know :o] September 10, 2006
Awesome. Simply Amzing. A way to explain how something was or is.Commonly used in Maine,USA.Used with simple term with it: 'good''cold'.
- "Hey Joe, How was last night?" "Wicked Good."
-"Last winter was wicked cold"
-"Man thats fucking wicked"
by Natalie-Anne March 16, 2006
Very cool, awesome. As seen on The Ali G Show.
"I boned me Julie last night."
"Yo, wicked! Total respek."
by Dangerous Dave February 13, 2005
replacement for really
originated in Salem MA because of the witch trials. changed the word meaning from bad to really to promote tourism and eliminate their bad name.

used more freqwently in Massachuesetts than other New England states.
-do not use if you weren't born and raised in New England. it's just common curtasy, we dont go around saying "ya'll"
i was wicked pissed wen tha sox traded nomar
by me August 02, 2004
A word used to describe something such as a person, thing, place, or event
That roller coaster was wicked fast.


Haley loves the word wicked.
by Steven crowder November 23, 2007
An adjective use to describe a sense of quality positive or negative.
Q:Hey buddy what is that smell?
A:Oh My apologies I just shit wicked.

Q:Todd how was hanging out with Rachel last night?
A:Pretty good, except she had a wicked fat pussy.
by Pat Mycrotch September 11, 2006

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