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The City of Wichita Falls is conveniently located in the North East corner of the Panhandle/Plains area of North Texas. Wichita Falls is an economically dynamic city that is home to a variety of commerce and industry that have worldwide interests. The City has several "halls of knowledge", a strong global presence through Sheppard Air Force Base, a well educated, hard-working workforce and a community spirit centered around family & friends. People here are warm and friendly and "beautiful" in many ways. Contrary to previous opinion... there is quite a bit of entertainment and things do & to see that this thriving city offers. Offering a large artistic & cultural community; The Kemp Center for the Arts is amazing and is home to the Arts Council and an extremely talented Symphony Orchestra. There is a beautiful building and an outdoor Sculpture Garden, the NorthLight Gallery, the West End Studio, and downstairs they have local and regional artwork exhibits as well. The elegant Great Hall is the perfect setting for film, musical, dance and theatre performances. Dallas-Fort Worth area, & Oklahoma City are within a few hours drive where there are multiple levels of entertainment as well as many museums, restaurants, & theme parks available, as well as a huge night-life for all to enjoy. To sum it all up, the people, the city, and sights are worthy of a visit. Every place has many things to see and do if you are willing to get off of the couch and explore the area.
Wichita Falls, TX, Northlight, theater, beautiful
by Ella-Angel July 14, 2012
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Little Town only one mall and why people live there beats me!!!
by Jessarya August 14, 2008
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