a harry potter fan
sal: man, John and Katy were in line for three years waiting for the premiere of the new Harry Potter film.

mary: boy, they are true Wiccans
by omganegro August 10, 2008
A modified human being that spends time out in the woods with others of the opposite (or not:) seks buck nekkid "wrestling".

Generally the result of Fork Union Military Academy.
Husband: I think that couple across the street are Wiccans.
Wife: Yep, thats the fifthtime they have gone in the woods today.
by Elvenkind November 11, 2006
A parody of the slang use of the word Jewish, in which a religious belief is used to mean "stupid" or "pointless".

Any of the uses for the word "Jewish" apply to Wiccan.
1. That drink costed $12? That's so Wiccan!
2. That Carl guy is so Wiccan; he hangs out by Sears all the time!
by AeroCooper October 15, 2007

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