A fairly new religion created by Gerald B. Gardner. One can practice Wicca without the spells and only devote themselves to spiritual study and worship. Wiccans worship both God and Goddess. There are many traditions of Wicca like Dianics, Hereditary etc. and many claim to be the authentic. Gerald B. Gardner's tradition claims,"In order for one to be Wiccan, they must be initiated into a coven."
Wicca is not an old religion. It is only *50* years old. Wicca is not the *Old Religion*. The old religion is something completely different.
"Okie, let's get down on our knees and pray!!"
by Magickalchilde July 13, 2005
Paganism Lite.
A form of Paganism that focuses strictly on the practice of White magic.
Like diet cola, Wicca is diet Paganism
by J.F. Connelly July 21, 2005
1. noun, pronounced "wee-tchaw": An Anglo-Saxon word meaning a wise or esoterically skilled person of the male gender. cf. "Wita"
2. noun, pronounced "wick-uh": A ditheistic-pantheistic religion founded in the 20th century by G. Gardner, a British civil servant, as a derivative of Freemasonry, Hermeticism, Thelema, Christianity, and Mediaeval folk magic. Has expanded as a movement to encorporate feminist theology, extra-cultural symbolic misappropriation, and other Christian apostate religious trends.
1. "Ic beo wiccan."
2. "Wicca is so cool, 'cause it's got, like, a Goddess and stuff."
by Brighid N May 10, 2003
Wicca a relgion created No Earlier than the 1930's by a man named Gerald Gardner. It doesn't focus on magic it has nothing to do with magic. The Salem Witch Trials were about burning Witches at the stake not about burning Wiccans as they didn't exist back then. While it is a pagan religion (IE not a Christian one) it's hardly ancient and one of the youngest created religions to date. Wiccans are not, I repeat NOT witches.
Fluffbunny,The "Wiccan" wannabes who are delighted to be persecuted www.whywiccanssuck.com Real Wiccan A dedicated seeker who actually knows something about Gardner's original Wicca, including its dark side. These are the anti-fluffbunnies -- in behavior, speech, and practice. www.whywiccanssuck.com
by R. Reiven August 15, 2006
another pathetic adolescent attempt to be different

if that shit that they do is true, why hasn't anyone seen it?

my ex is studying wicca cause shes a confused little teenager... who tries to be different... thats why she broke up with me its because i didn't care about looking cool and im straightedged... apperently being straightedged is not cool so she thinks its cool to drink even though its rotting her growing brain...

anyhoo... wicca is bu-bu-bu-BULLSHIT!!

who would believe that crap anyway?
oh look at me im studying wicca now!! im so cool now!!!

... please dont judge me... please?! ill poot a hexez on jooO1!!ONE!!1
by anonomyse_player September 27, 2007
Spirituality with-out sacrifice. The easy way to feel mystical. Manipulating spiritual forces that could be dangerous, weilding power no human is supposed to have and allowing potentially leathal spiritual powers into ones home and life. A dangerous practice that is 'cool' as apposed to 'boring, homophobic, unmystical' Christianity. There is a splinter-group called Christopagan. This abomination is the combining of Pagan/Christian power. Proof that these knuckleheads fear the One True God and try to involve Him in their life. By the grace of The Lord Jesus Christ most Christopagans are led into a true relationship with the One True God. Tragically deluded people who need help and prayer. In the film Signs starring Mel Gibson, a character named Merrill describes 'people who've never had a girl/boyfriend in their life who do this crap to feel special. They make up little codes and work on Greek mythology together, make secret societies where other guy/girls who've never had a boy/girlfriend either can join in. It's a scam." That is the perfect definition of wicca.

"wicca? What a load of crap!"
by PepsiCola September 14, 2006
1. "Religion" loosely based on the subjugation of the male species, wherein all male members must relinquish control of their testicles and place them in the purse of their den-mother and then worship a tree goddess.
2. Group of idiots who want "magical earth powers" but are too terrified of public opinion to call themselves Pagans.
1. "Hey, Bob, wanna go out and get drunk and get some pussy?"
"Sorry, dude, no can do. I'm Wiccan."

2. "Hey, let's go burn potions in the woods and bury bags of burnt shit for luck!"
"But isn't that almost paganistic?"
"No, we'll just call ourselves Wiccan."
by SpaceLord April 21, 2006

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