A religious movement invented circa 1954 by Gerald Gardner who fraudulently claimed it was an ancient witch cult which honours nature, it is in fact based on Freemasonry.

Wicca is now a worldwide movement, its rituals are non-descript, often made up on the spot and frequently bastardising religions and/or Gods from other cultures and/or parts of history.

Wicca also possesses a heavy left winguncurrent, the adherents of the religion tend to be marxist or at least socialist even if they are unaware of what left wing political ideals actually are.
Wicca: pretending to be an ancient religion since 1954
by joey246 September 16, 2008
Something that could be one of the biggest cash cows in the world if it organized itself.

( Seriously... magic? Forest rituals? Now THAT'S some good-assed marketing potential.)
If there were a Wiccan store in a mall or something, kids would just eat it right up.
by ThatOneCrazyMofo April 20, 2010
1. Bunch of teenage girls chanting over candles, wearing pentacles, and occasionally shouting "Oh My Goddess!" Mostly in it to rebel against Christianity. They will typically buy at least 10 books, many of them containing spells perfect for the uncreative, unimaginative teen. This phenomenon is a result of the desire to be something without any real work, or patience, or dedication.

2. An initiatory, orthopraxic, oathbound, nature-based fertility cult. *Real* Wiccans have been initiated by a lineaged high priest(ess), OR directly by deity (but this is very rare). Because the names of their gods and the specific practices of rituals are oathbound, eclectic Wiccans are not real Wiccans, just Wicca-influenced neopagans. Because it is orthopraxic (defined by practices more than beliefs), these oathbound mysteries are necessary to be Wiccan. If you have no lineage from Gerald Gardner, you have no knowledge of the mysteries. Without this knowledge, you are not Wiccan.
1. "Oh my Gaaawwdeessss I put a love spell on Derrick with lavender oil and a red candle! I hope he asks me to prrroooommmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!"


Eclectic: Oh my goddess! So you're like, Wiccan?
Wiccan: Yes
Eclectic: Oh cool, what's your fave ritual, mine is Silver RavenWolf's sage incense chant!!11!
Wiccan: Oh, well, I prefer ceremonial magic, which involves extensive use of tools as symbolism and the calling of various spirits to do bidding.
Eclectic: Ugh, you uptight traditional losers!
Wiccan: At least I actually know stuff.
by Simplify Yo Mama June 28, 2009
Wicca is a softer word for pagan, but is also a softer side or paganism, in wicca you do not use the blood of animals in any methods.

Wicca is a life style and not really a religion, in a way it is living your life (with breath or not) to shape your soul into something of art.
If you are truly wiccan you are able to embrace every forth coming in your life no mater if it be good or bad.
by Jazzabell January 27, 2007
Wicca is an oathbound fertility cult, started by Gerald Gardner in 1954. This means that in order to call oneself Wiccan, you must be initiated into a coven that can trace it's lineage back to Gardner. It must also be stated that almost no coven will accept members under the age of eighteen, due to the highly sexual nature of the initiation ceremony.
In a coven, all members are clergy. There is a high priest and high priestess that take on the roles of the God and Goddess of the British Isles.

Wicca is based off ancient traditions, but it is not ancient itself. Anyone who tells you otherwise is an idiot.
Wiccans are pagans and practice witchcraft.
Wicca is plagued with people, mostly stupid teenagers, who try and unrightfully claim the title of Wiccan. These people usually will argue endlessly with people who actually know what the fuck they're talking about, and are known as fluffy bunnies.

You should go read some Gerald Gardner. He made the freakin' religion, and only he can say what goes.
14 year old: "OHMIGAWD! I'm like, totally Wiccan! I read this book by Silver Ravenwolf!"
Me: "No. Shut the hell up."
14 year old: "OMG STAWP PERSECUTIN' MEEEE!!!11oneshift!!"
by IhateFluffies July 27, 2009
A religeon based on the worship of a Goddess and a God. Though Wiccans claim their religeon is thousands of years old, it was in fact invented in the late 1940s or early 1950s by Mr. Gerald Gardner, though admittedly he did incorporate numerous elements from diverse ancient beliefs.

A fact hotly denied by Wiccans is the fact that Wicca seems to have originally been intended as a European branch of Thelema, the religeon of Aleister Crowley. Indeed, Gardner's original works include large chunks cribbed from Crowley, but these were later removed in order to distance the Craft from the Antichrist.
An it harm none, do what thou wilt - the Wiccan Reed.
by Darth Ridley May 12, 2005
Wicca is a convenient religion created by people who want to feel like they're powerful (through spells) but also don't want to have to be pinned down to any particular belief.

There's no set definition of Wicca, so people are free to make up their own religion as they see fit. It's the ultimate "religion" of convenience, if you can even call it a religion.

If you do a little research, you'll find that most of what is "Wiccan" is made up out of thin air by individuals and groups. It's some kind of strange group delusion. Couple that with the fact that the supposed "spells" don't work, you can see how delusional it really is.

Next time you see a Wiccan, tell them to prove they can cast spells. Prepare to be disappointed.
No religion let's me just make up stuff, except for Wicca.
by Truthseeker12 August 27, 2009

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