A form of Witchcraft, to where it's followers worship a Goddess and God, as well as the essence of Nature. Otherwise known as Wicca, Wiccans, Pagans, or Witches.
Katie is Wiccan.
by Kyira March 02, 2011
wicca is really nature worship and respecting the way nature has and is working.also wicca is based on many diffrent gods and goddesses. Guys and Girls can be apart of wicca beacuse a guy is also important its the other half of the whole goddess meeting the GOD

Wicca is not a made up religion and its very popular with many people, maybe one of your friends so please accept the people that do practice the religion.
girl: what do you belive in?

Guy: Wicca

Girl: no way i thout that only girls can do that

Guy: nope both can practice if they want.
by Blood_rose July 19, 2006
A branch of Paganism which focuses SOLELY on good. NOT devil-worshipping. Wiccans believe in the five elements-Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Spirit. A traditional circle is of five, although four can be a circle as well, as Spirit may represent itself. Wiccans would NEVER use the craft irresponsibly. As well as that, they don't use these "hexes" or "love spells" or whatever one may think. They do use candles, but it's to represent the elements, NOT for spells. During the Sabbats, different-coloured candles and different-scented incenses are used to represent the holiday. The aforementioned Sabbats are the holidays which represent the cycle of life-the birth and death of the Mother and Sun God. The true practitioners of Wicca do NOT dress purely in black. It doesn't matter how you dress. And anyone who "casts" these love spells and hexes and so forth isn't actually Wiccan. They're posers! They see something that people don't approve of and latch onto it, rebelling or something. These are NOT real Wiccans. Many say that Wicca was not invented until the nineteen-fifties. However, Wiccan references have been made as far back as the eighteen hundreds. Gerard Gardner did indeed research the religion, and maybe he filled in the blanks and strung them together. He is the most renowned Wiccan expert, certainly. So really, think before you speak-just because you don't know something doesn't mean it's bad! And Wicca is definitely a major example of this case
From the Wiccan Rede: "An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will"

Uneducated Fool: "Ew, look at that Wicca chick, she's gonna cast a spell on me. What a freak!" Think before you speak.
by RhymesWithMorgan May 19, 2010
people, listen to me here, people that are pagan or wiccan are NOT worshiping a made up religion, i am NOT a pagan or a wiccan, but some of my very good friends are. They are able to heal people and do things that cynics like yourselves would not believe, they are beautiful religions, which are highly prejudiced against because of them having both god/godess, but this should not be tolerated becasue hinduism has more than one god/goddes but they are not cast out from society.
People use wiccans to bame when bad things happen in their life e.g. "oh well i only got 20% on my maths test, i bet that 'witch' cursed me" when in actual fact, they got that pathetic mark bacause they are as dumb as a post and didnt study.
by AnAngryNon-Wiccan July 10, 2005
First of all.... all of you ignorant people dont need to criticize something you dont understand or dont have ANY knowledge about. Wicca has nothing to do with demons and we dont WORSHIP anything. Wicca is an earth based religion that acknowledges the valuable resources that most people could care less about. We live because of earth,sun,and moon.With these three things brings life for all: medicine, crops, trees, everything thats real and in front of our faces. Without these things we would die. Magic isnt even a key factor in the religion....it's just a perk that WE know how to manipulate the energies around us by using the other 90% of our brain. We believe in saving the enviroment and charishing it with respect. In turn gives us back in life.It to me is the most real religion out there. The oldest one in FACT. Everything comes in pairs with equal values.You cant have one unless there's the other. So if you feel otherwise and dont accept our beliefs... at least have some dignity to know what its about before you go on a rant rage about what you think it is.....because you really have NO idea.
No examples here.WICCA
by Zinevra Fay August 20, 2008
A peaceful Earth-based religion where its followers are often persecuted by brainwashed Judeo-Christian religions. Wicca is an ancient religion that came back up when the British Witchcraft laws were repealed. This was around the 1900s-1920s. Dr. Gerald Gardner was the first person courageous enough to publish some books about the Old Religion.

Wiccans believe in a God and a Goddess. Some bad stereotypes are "Naked Ladies dancing around a fire and worshipping Satan," or "A made-up religion that's based around Dungeons and Dragons and J.R.R. Tolkien's books." These people are all uneducated about Wicca and refuse to say anything nice about a relgion that's not theirs.

Wicca, commonly called Witchcraft, supports magic(k), but not all Wiccans believe in magic.
"Wicca is a religion that worships the Devil."
- Fundamentalist (uneducated) Christian

"Wicca is an Earth-based religion that promoted positivity and peace."
- Educated Correctly Person
by Brandon B. June 03, 2005
A religion formed by charlatans in the mid-Twentieth Century suggesting it was a continuation of lost Druid-style teachings, which no one really knows that much about as it was passed on verbally. Currently adhered to by attention-seeking girls and guys that can't get lucky without compromising their integrity by pretending to adhere to it, as well.
"There are no true male Wiccans."

"Wicca is to religion what Kwanza is to holidays."
by TorgosPizza February 24, 2010

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