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What The Joker wants to know.
My father was...a drinker, and one night when he was especially crazy. My mother grabbed a kitchen knife, and daddy didn't like that. No, not at all. He took the knife, and started cutting up her face, laughing the whole time. After he's done, he looks at me and says, "Why so Serious?"
by The_Words July 21, 2008
74 36
A very well known statement created by the hottest villain of all time.
"He sticks the blade in my mouth and..."
"Why so serious?"
by Jokette heath FOEVER July 30, 2008
53 24
Originally The Joker's "thing" from the new Batman movie The Dark Knight. Ever since it came out idiots and morons alike have been using it non-stop in an attempt to be cool and "edgy".
"Lolololol why so serious? tonite ppl gon di!!111oneSHIFT"
by irjga;dilfujgv;jra;vi August 06, 2008
75 49
A very popular tagline for the movie "The Dark Knight". The phrase has achieved a level of popularity, earning it spots as an internet meme, several XBOX Live account names, and something for 13 year olds to put in their signatures on forums to be scary and angsty.

By the year 2018, this will be the new "Where's the Beef?!"
20 Years After the Dark Knight...

Person 1: Remember that dumbass who got "why so serious?" tattooed on his shoulder?

Person 2: Yeah, what a dork.
by gamegenie2k July 25, 2009
24 6
The most popular phrase from "The Dark Knight". used by fanboys and the genuinely joker-like characters alike. Although its a cool thing to say, say it to much and someone may punch you in the face.
idiot- lulz! i wa7ch3d teh joker l4st n1ight on HB0 and 4lm05t 5h!t mahself!!!

cool joker fan-you should start taking things a little more seriously

idiot-Why so serious? LOL

cool joker fan-*punches idiot in the face*
by footballer88 February 25, 2010
38 23
When you climax on a girls face and rub your penis across her lips and cheeks in the shape of a smile. The lipstick and the sperm should mix together forming a joker like appearance. After this you take a look at your makeup art and ask her the question "Why So Serious?"
I was having sex with a girl last night. I finished her off with a Why So Serious?
by Preal January 19, 2009
49 39
In reference to the Joker in Batman, "Why so serious?" is a phrase for somebody to use who is openly stating that they are wearing excess amounts of makeup.
Yeah, I know. Why so serious?
by Ivana Humbalot May 07, 2011
9 3