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Whose Line is it Anyway is the first and only improvisational television programme to be successful. Originally a radio programme on BBC radio in 1988, WLiiA moved to television. The BBC didn't believe the show would last, so it moved to Channel 4. The British version, hosted by Clive Anderson, lasted ten years. It featured comedians such as John Sessions, Stephen Fry, Josie Lawrence, Tony Slattery, Mike McShane, Greg Proops, Steve Frost, Colin Mochrie, and Ryan Stiles. In 1998, the show moved to America. Stiles pitched the show to ABC, which lasted five years, though new episodes from old recordings air occassionally. The American version, hosted by Drew Carey, help start Wayne Brady's career. Brady became a regular on the programme in 1999, alongside Mochrie and Stiles. The fourth seat featured a rotating roster of performers, including Greg Proops, Chip Esten, Brad Sherwood, and Kathy Greenwood.

Though the show is over, most of the cast still perform improv. Some of the British performers are members of the Comedy Store Players, and perform every weekend in London. Most of the American performers tour across the United States and Canada.
Whose Line Is it Anyway? is the only successful improv show created.
by evildevil September 17, 2005
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Hilariously awesome show featuring either Clive Anderson (British version) or Drew Carey (US version). Both have their own unique charm, however I much prefer the US version myself. Colin and Ryan are the best preformers in my opinion, however Wayne Brady is the best at making up songs on the spot. Definitely worth checking out if you haven't seen it before.
Turn on the T.V. man, Whose Line is on!
by TallicaD00d October 20, 2004
An improv show. Can refer either to the British version (hosted by Clive Anderson), or the American version which was based off the British version (hosted by Drew Carey). The show is famous because "everything is made up, and the points don't matter." Comedians Ryan Styles, Colin Mocherie (I probably spelled his name wrong), and Wayne Brady are regulars on the American version, with a rotating 4th cast member. Common 4th-cast-members are Greg Proops, Jeff Davis, Kathy Greenwood, Chip Eston, and Brad Sherwood. They have had special guests on the American version such as Hugh Heffner, Lassie, Whoopie Goldberg, Robin Williams, David Hasselhoff, and more. They stopped making American episodes, which is too bad, because it was an incredibly funny show. Catch it on syndication sometime, you'll laugh your ass off.
My favorite character from Whose Line is Wayne Brady.
by BLARG man October 17, 2004
The funniest, and best show ever made.
Random and high quality (well the amercia version is) improv comedy.

Watch it !
"If only we had an electric beaver"
by Neural March 15, 2005
The funniest show on television hosted by Drew Carey.
see roflmao
Oh! Whose Line's on!........... ROFLMAO!!!!
by G4CardShark February 27, 2005
a show on tv
im goin to watch whose line!
A show that's was about as imrovised as it was funny. It is totally not possible that they practiced any of the material.
by Goldie the Mack September 14, 2006

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